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 Apprenticed to Viennese Master potter, Franz Kukowetz at his Terra Nigra studio in 1972. I later studied Majolica during the time I was working as production potter at the Old Chelsea Pottery in London.  In 1990 I began a continuing study of both glazing with wood ash and Sumi-e painting.

Being a student of Japanese ink-painting for many years means much of my ceramic work becomes a canvas for Sumi-e brushwork.

The soft coloured glazes are mostly ash-based. Native coastal vegetation, hinterland, rainforest, orchard and grapevine woods are all used. These are all burned separately to maintain the purity of the ash.

Further from home, ash from Kimberley spinifex, Bauhinia, Bella gum (and when lucky, a branch that has fallen from a Boab!) collected by ecologist family members after natural bushfires are shipped to the studio.

Small ironstones collected from a remote W.A creek bed and milled to a workable powder are used in sgraffito or added to other oxide blends for brushwork on the ‘Sumi-e’ series. It is labour-intensive but I enjoy the process knowing where the tiny pebbles are collected in the wild!

Stoneware and porcelain works are reduction-fired between 1280-1300 degrees.